“Mythic Bridge isn’t just a workshop or an organization; it’s an idea. Because of their workshops, I now have these incredible bonds that I never thought I was worthy or capable of having. Now I’m confident that I can achieve my dreams and I hope that each and every youth is given the opportunity to do the same. I am not a sad story; I’m a survivor. Through all the pain and struggle, I now have this torch and it’s my responsibility to keep it burning so that it can do for others what it has done for me.”


I had an amazing time being a part of Mythic Bridge. It felt great to be part of such a warm welcoming organization and have so much fun learning new things. I was able to be myself without being judged and was challenged to be the best version of myself possible. It’s people like you, Gage, that make this world a better place to live in. You’re going to have such a successful future and I cant wait to see what the future holds for Mythic Bridge.”


“I’ve written about Mythic bridge in the past but this time is a little different. I am now a junior mentor and a freshman in college. I started with the program as a freshman in high school looking for a place in the artistic world, and also planning to give up art period. Mythic Bridge has helped me find myself as an artist, as a person, and as a member of the community. I found a community where I can feel safe and feel safe about the art I’m creating. I’m in a good college where I’m double majoring in film and in theater and I don’t think I could have done it without the community of Mythic Bridge. Programs like Mythic need to exist. Mythic is such a great program to let Young Artists and even young people who don’t know that they have an artist within them find themselves. Just like me. For that, I am forever grateful I found Mythic Bridge. Long live the bridge!”

Junior Mentor

“After I graduated High School I felt lost, I knew I wanted to be in a world where I can make stories for others enjoyment. I went to college, I’ve had multiple jobs in retail, but not once have I ever felt inspired in those places. That all changed when I went to Mythic Bridge, I learned more about film, the process behind it. Now it’s my passion, and I’m working to become a filmmaker. Mythic Bridge got me a job that I love, and with that job I was able to buy anything a young filmmaker would need. they got me producing a documentary for IMAX, and most importantly they got me on a track to success that I never thought I would have before I started attending their program. I’m very grateful to them for giving me all the opportunities they offer me, and I will continue to make the most of them.”


“Years before I joined Mythic Bridge, I was told by someone that I wasn’t pretty enough to be an actress. Since my self-esteem was already nonexistent, I believed them. They also told me I didn’t know enough about filmmaking to even try. I believed that too. In 2014, I heard about Mythic Bridge, but I didn’t sign up, because I kept hearing, among everything else I’d been told I couldn’t do, that I couldn’t act, write, shoot, or direct a movie. A year later, another Mythic Bridge workshop was to take place on May 1st at the Ali Forney Center. Even though I believed this was not what I was meant to do, I decided to jump in, rather than spend my Saturday watching Kitchen Nightmares. One year after that, I now have 3 movies to my name. If I had never joined Mythic Bridge, I’d still have no idea what I wanted to do with my life”


“Mythic Bridge holds such a large space in my heart, and has offered eye-opening and life-changing experiences. Through it’s workshops and mentoring, I’ve learned that there are many small moments in the world worth filming. Mythic Bridge has changed my perspective in ways I have never experienced; It has not only helped me find the beauty in those small moments but in all people and things. I am absolutely in love with Mythic Bridge, and plan to participate in whatever more they have to offer!”


“Mythic Bridge inspired me to explore film making.Mythic Bridge has given me opportunities I would NEVER had otherwise.Fun, work, film making…. Mythic Bridge… A path to learning film making.”


“Mythic Bridge was the first film program I ever attended, in 8th grade. Ten programs and 15 films later, I’m now a high school senior. This fall I received 6 national honors/ awards and 8 early round acceptances to some of the best film schools in the nation. I have Mythic bridge to thank for getting me started and for supporting my recent success as an active Bridger! My participation in this October’s AT&T Film Invitational gave me the opportunity to create a film with an important anti-cyberbullying and LGBTQ tolerance message for my generation. Our film was so successful it won 2nd place overall! We also won another award by one of the competition’s sponsors, the Tyler Clementi Foundation, a nonprofit devoted to ending bullying of all kinds. Our film will be shown nationwide in high schools, and I’m so happy to have been involved in the making of it. Right now I’m co-producing a climate change documentary sponsored by IMAX and the UN, and this never would have been possible without the support Mythic Bridge has given me. This has inspired me to keep coming back to them, hungry for more.”


“My experience at Mythic Bridge has been Awesome from day one. I have grown so much since the first day I walked into that space in Brooklyn. I remember being a bit scared not knowing who I would meet but by the end of the weekend I was hooked. Mythic Bridge taught me how to make a short film in two days. Mythic Bridge introduced me to all the different components of film, it is where I found my love of audio visual. This is where I learned to do sound for film which became one of my favorite things. I also learned that you can make a difference by the work you do in film. I learned that you can use film to be the voice of others. I was very proud when Mythic Bridge was honored by The Tyler Clementi Foundation. I know that this was only possible because of the team that Mythic Bridge created. My Name is Nicole Barbot and I am happy to be a part of the Mythic Bridge Family and I hope to continue being a part of it for a long time to come.”


“Congrats on all of Mythic Bridge’s successes and the Emmy nomination! I’m thrilled to see how you guys have grown since those couple of workshops I attended in Brooklyn a couple of years back. I’m also very proud to say that next year, I will be starting at Syracuse University as a major in film production. I say that not to gloat (though I am excited as all hell) but to thank you for Mythic Bridge. The workshops I attended during my sophomore year of HS pushed me down a road of creativity and inspiration, and gave me much valuable insight and confidence into the world of filmmaking from both the creative and technical side of things. Not to mention how it helped equip me with the skills needed to put together my portfolio for film school.”